Rohan D’Souza MD PhD FRCOG is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physician and Associate Professor with the Departments of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

He is the co-lead on the Canadian Obstetric Survey System (CanOSS) for severe adverse pregnancy events.

His clinical and research interests include

  • Reducing the incidence of severe pregnancy-related morbidity and its long-term effects on families
  • Improving pregnancy outcomes for individuals with cardiac and other medical disorders
  • Incorporating preferences of pregnant individuals into clinical decision-making
  • Addressing challenges with outcome reporting in pregnancy research and
  • Increasing the safety and success of vaginal birth following labour induction

Rohan has received numerous national and international grants and recognition for his research and teaching and was most recently awarded the Canada Research Chair in Maternal Health.