A decade of knowledge is delivered for the 6th time, the successful CPP Congress brings to you world known faculty, an International team of leaders in the field of Cardiology and Obstetrics, CME accredited and the leading topics: valvular, Peripartum, Registry etc. 


Professor Uri Elkayam

Congress Chairman

Professor Avraham Shotan

Congress Co-Chairman


2014 CPP Participant
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"The speakers were excellent. Great review of the topic"
2018 CPP Participant
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"Exposure to world experts in cardiac disease in pregnancy"
2016 CPP Participant
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"Great speakers with experience in difficult field"
2019 Cardio Obstetrics Symposium
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"Very good and relevant presentations by DR Elkayam"
2018 CPP Participant
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"Thoroughly covering high risk pregnancy"
2010 CPP Participant
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"New insights into hypertension in pregnancy"
2016 CPP Participant
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"Candid discussion of real case presentations"


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