Dr. Magalie Ladouceur


Dr.  Magalie  Ladouceur  is a cardiologist at European Hospital of George Pompidou and at Necker in Paris. Her clinical work and research involves adult and adolescent congenital heart disease, with special interest in imaging, heart failure and social activities. She has authored and co-authored numerous scientific publications on the outcome of congenital heart disease. She is board member of the working group on Congenital Heart Disease and Pediatric Cardiology in the French Society of Cardiology. Her investigations include the assessment of heart failure mechanisms in CHD using new imaging and biological biomarkers, and she is principal investigator of a study investigating heart failure in CHD. She has an interest in pregnancy in women with CHD, she participates in ROPAC registry, and she has published on this topic. B. Positions and Honors. Professional Experience 11/2010 Pediatric Cardiologist, Necker Hospital, APHP-Paris Descartes University, Paris 11/2010 ACHD Cardiologist, Georges Pompidou Hospital, APHP-Paris Descartes University, Paris 11/2013 Researcher, Paris Cardiovascular Research Center, U970, Paris Past Professional Experience 2005-2006 Marfan syndrome consulting physician, Amboise Paré Hospital, Boulogne 11/2010 – 10/2013 Guest Researchers, Laboratory of Functional Imaging, NIAID,

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