Ambassadors Programme

We have created the EAP 2017 Ambassadors Initiative to enhance promotion of the EAP 2017 on national levels.

Ambassadors will support the Congress by promoting it as widely as possible within their country, raising awareness and encouraging people to participate in EAP 2017.

Important tasks of EAP 2017 Ambassadors will include:

  • Posting the EAP 2017 Congress banner on their organisation’s website;
  • Including the EAP 2017 logo in their email signature;
  • Announcing the Congress on a selection of Social Media Groups that they may belong to;
  • Sharing information about the Congress at their institution;
  • Providing the Congress Secretariat with the names of contacts that may be contacted on their behalf;
  • Disseminating information on EAP 2017 at any relevant conferences that they may attend, prior to EAP 2017

We are very pleased to invite you to consider becoming an EAP 2017 Ambassador.

For additional information and to became an EAP 2017 Ambassador, please get in touch with the Congress Secretariat.

To use our promotional toolkit, please click here

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